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Connoisseurs Gold Jewellery Polishing Cloth

UltraSoft® Gold Polishing Cloth is a convenient way to clean gold jewellery at home or when you travel, to keep your jewellery looking its best. The Two-Step Dry-Cleaning System cleans and polishes jewellery and watches to a lustre while removing tarnish and helping to prevent further tarnish buildup. Transforms your gold jewellery from dull to dazzling. Also excellent for cleaning and polishing watches.


1. Gently rub your jewellery with the inner, lighter-colour UltraSoft®  cloth. Dirt and tarnish are easily removed and our exclusive anti-tarnish shield is applied.

2. Use the outer, darker-colour UltraSoft® cloth to buff and polish your jewellery to a high lustre.

3. Cloth can be reused many times, but should never be laundered.

4. Also excellent for cleaning and polishing watches.

  • UltraSoft® Gold Polishing Cloth.
  • 2-ply cloth.
  • Extra Large Size – 28 cm x 35.5 cm.
  • Made from 100% natural cotton fibers, a renewable resource.
  • Non-abrasive and will not scratch jewellery.
Price€ 10,00

Connoisseurs is the global market leader in Jewellery care, with its brand established in over 60 nations throughout the world.

The effects of everyday life can diminish the brilliance of your jewellery. Connoisseurs is renowned for its product innovation, & has transformed the jewellery care industry with products such as the Jewellery Wipes & Diamond Dazzle Stik. Connoisseurs products are fast, convenient & effective. Cosmetic-style packaging appeals to women & prefect for travel!